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Renovation of the swimming pool facility Tivoli

Renovation of the swimming pool facility Tivoli


Together with our partner company – DARRTECH d.o.o. – we concluded phase 1 of the project for renovation of the swimming pool facility – the school indoor swimming pool in Tivoli. The works included complete renovation / replacement of: the pressure-, overflow- and drainage installation, balance tanks and the washing pool, filter replacement and replacement of the complete control system, analysis and preparation of pool water.

A special feature of the project was the use ultrafiltration in a public swimming pool for the first time. In addition to the high-quality ultrafiltration and pre-filtration system, there is an integrated heat recovery pressure pump, a screw compressor for the preparation of compressed air; all chemical analyses were performed using Siemens equipment (Wallace Tiernan). Management and control of the system are entirely automated, and include all safety elements guaranteeing optimum operation within the desired parameters.

Phase 2 shall include the renovation of the sports pool equipment, the implementation of a water treatment plant for the water from both pools which will enable the reuse of that water in the system, leading to additional savings in terms of operating costs.



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